Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Brother Cooper got baptized!

This week was a great week! Brother Cooper got baptized! On Saturday morning we awoke at 5 and got ready for the baptism and then left by 6 to meet him at the church! We then taxied down to the ocean; a place called Alligator Pond and had the baptismal service there! It was such a wonderful experience! Very quiet with the ocean waves rolling! Brother Cooper was so excited and a little nervous as well! After he was baptized we had a small testimony meeting and it was so great to hear him bear his testimony on how he personally came to know that this was the true church!

We also went on a trade off with the zone leaders earlier this week! That was also a great experience! Got a break from the bike and got to ride in a truck for a couple days! The zone leaders live up in Santa Cruz not too far from Junction! It was weird to see small neighborhoods called Schemes because Junction doesn’t have anything like that. Just little houses scattered throughout the bush! But it was awesome to be with a zone leader for a while and learn more about teaching and finding! 

I was also able to give a talk in sacrament this past Sunday! I was asked to speak on our branch mission goals because the branch president is really trying to get this branch moving. So I tried my best to give them some motivation on how to accomplish the goals and how we can’t do it without them! We also had a family from Texas close to where I was serving prior so that was really weird to see white people that aren’t missionaries at church! All in all it has been a great week! I know that as we continue to work our hardest and rely upon the Lord to strengthen not only us as missionaries but the branch and our investigators, we will be able to work mighty miracles for this Junction Branch!

Elder Hansen

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Its raining buckets...of miracles!

This week has really been great! All of our investigators are moving forward and we had 5 of them at church this week! It is so great to see some people’s faith! Most people have to walk a good distance to get to the main road and then wait for a taxi to hopefully pick them up to take them 30 minutes to the church! And most of our investigators really don’t have any money! It is such a testimony to me to see these faithful people make it to church and continue to progress in the gospel and really how important prayer is! 

Our perfect investigator Brother Cooper was waiting for a taxi for about an hour. We called him and asked where he was 20 minutes before church. He told us he had been waiting for a long time! So we told him to say a prayer and that we would pray for him also! Not 2 minutes after we had finished praying he called back saying he had caught a taxi and was going to make it! How awesome it is to see the Lords hand help in every aspect of missionary work! 

I still can’t believe how much it rains here! Every single day it will rain for a solid couple hours pretty hard! It’s great for all the people but not so much for all the missionaries! When it rains everyone goes inside so it is hard to contact people. But it does replenish every ones water supply and waters their farms! 

We also had interviews with our Mission President this week! And that was awesome! He is such a great spiritual giant! He truly has helped me to want to work my absolute hardest and do my best as a missionary at all times! I am so grateful for him! The work is going great! Quite a few of our progressing investigators have hit a road block but we will work through those and baptize them soon enough! I am so grateful for the time I have to serve the Lord and it is so amazing to watch people change because of the Gospel!!

Elder Hansen