Wednesday, September 28, 2016

THREE WEEKS!!! September 12, 19, 26th. This mission is Awesome!

September 12, 2016
This week has been a super Faith promoting week! On Saturday we went on a trade off with the zone leaders so one of the zone leaders came down to our area with me while Elder Moyes went to their area in Spanish town.  Elder Greenwade, the  zone leader  and I decide that were going to find someone who can be baptized in 4 weeks. So we studied, we prayed, we practiced, and did all that we could on Saturday to find this person!! We literally talked to everyone that we could! It was so great and we found more than one person that could be baptized in 4 weeks! We found one person who said that they used to come to our church and he really enjoyed the doctrine but he stopped coming because he got busy! He agreed to be baptized if he comes back and finds out that everything is true! It was such a great day and I have full faith that one or more of these people will be baptized in 4 weeks! President Pearson has really been changing the mission to exercise our faith and get the mission to be baptizing monthly!! I do believe that we will get there! 

September 19, 2016
This week was really awesome!  Beverly was able to get baptized yesterday! It was a really neat experience to get to watch and be able to participate in the ordinance! She was really excited and prepared to be baptized! It is really a great experience to get to go through a conversion process with someone; to watch them learn and grow in the gospel and to see them make those commitments so they can fully repent! And then all that equals joy and happiness! Heavenly Father wants to bless us we just have to simply do what he says! 
We also have been really trying to talk to everyone we see and it has been really great! It is pretty hard to try and talk to everyone but as we have been trying we have been finding some really great people! We also have been challenged to challenge at least 10 people a day to baptism if they come to know the Book of Mormon is true! It’s pretty amazing to see what some people will say. Some say,  “well of course I would be baptized if I knew that book was true”, others say, “ yea but I’m not ready to baptize”, and some will just straight up say no. So it really helps us to find those who are ready to hear the gospel! It has really been a testimony builder to me as we go about challenging and testifying of the Book of Mormon!
Something cool we were able to make this week was some sweet potato pudding! It’s like a sweet potato cake thing, it is super good and all.  It is sweet potato, flour, coconut, nutmeg and a lil vanilla! So a member showed us how to make it and it was really good!!

September 26, 2016
This past week has been a really good one! We are continuing to talk to everyone and we have been able to find quite a few solid people! A lot of our lessons fell through so we had plenty of time to go and practice the contacting with the Book of Mormon and baptismal invite! It has really strengthened my own testimony of the Book of Mormon because we are inviting people who we haven’t even talked to for more than 5 seconds to be baptized after they know this book to be true! So we really have to have faith in the converting power of the Book of Mormon and it’s great because it is sooo true! I am starting to look forward to the time when we go contacting because we get to go find those who are ready to keep commitments! 
Elder Moyes my comp is really starting to progress as well! He is starting to take the reins and is getting a good understanding of how missionary work goes! And that it’s simply doing the Fathers will by inviting people to repent! It is a great job we have and as long as we have the spirit with us we will be successful!

Also, this morning for p-day we gathered together with a couple zones and went to this place called Port Royal which is an abandoned city/ military bunker and played capture the flag! It was actually pretty fun other than how hot it was! Running around in the sand and sun while the ocean is right next to us! The ocean really looked refreshing I’m not going to lie! Haha but everything is going great and we are still trying to help the ward and continue to build our teaching pool with people who are ready for the gospel!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

You can't judge people! Just open your mouth!

Elder Moyes and I had a great week! We had Zone conference on Thursday and Elder Gonzales the area president spoke to us on a few things! It was really inspirational! We learned a lot about contacting on how we just need to open our mouths as it says in D&C 33! So Elder Moyes and I have really been trying to open our mouths and talk to everyone! It has really been a great experience and I have learned that you can’t judge a person on what they look like! Truly… there are a lot of people that look really rude or mean but inside are really nice and still need the blessings that the gospel brings!

Also this morning we got to go caving! Unfortunately my camera is still busted so I’ll try to get some pictures from other elders. But it was super cool we hiked up this river bed for a good hour up this mountain and then started into this cave! This cave is huge and it goes forever! We probably walked for a mile or so into this cave and weren’t even near the end. There was also a river that ran through it so it was super muddy and hilarious to watch all of the elders including myself slide around and try not to fall. But in some parts of the cave it’s probably 100 to 200 feet high! The cool thing about it is that nobody knows about it but the locals so there was nobody else down there but us and the member that took us.

The work is going great and Elder Moyes is really starting to get adjusted to the life of a missionary which is awesome! We have a few really good investigators that we are teaching and it looks promising for them to get baptized soon! So I will keep you updated on that!  I am so grateful for this gospel and for the opportunity I have to serve a mission! I know that as I continue I will be able to help and bless many lives including my own!!

Elder Hansen