Friday, July 21, 2017

Another great week! Devon's Baptism!!!

Another great week accomplished! The work is going so so good! The members are doing so great at sharing the gospel and we are receiving referrals from them weekly! Because of that we are very busy and the time is going by too fast! 

As for Devon’s baptism, it went really good! He was so prepared and ready to do that! He was so excited and talked to everyone about his baptism! I always say this but it such a great experience to work with someone from the point of meeting them and them progressing to be baptized! The Atonement of Jesus Christ is so real! I know that because I have not only seen repentance work for me in my life but I get to watch how repentance will completely change others way of living and who they are to be more pleasing to the Father! That is a really joyful process and then to get them go under the water! It really brings a lot of JOY! I love it! I love these Jamaican people as well! It is so much fun getting to work with all the families in the ward and watch them put the Gospel to work! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true!

Picture of the baptism! 

Picture of the drive to Linstead each week!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Jordan's Baptism

The work a gwon! We have had a blast this week with Jordon’s Baptism, a few tradeoffs, working with the members, investigators and also putting a new roof on a church sisters home. 

Jordon’s baptism went really well! He was way excited about being baptized and was really able to feel the Spirit as he followed the Savior!
We have an awesome investigator we found last week through a member. Her name is Annette and she was on date for the 29th. When she came to church she came up to us and told us she wouldn’t be able to make her date to be baptized... She then went on to say how she could be baptized on the 30th! She is so awesome and is really ready to follow the Savior! It is really cool to see how the Lord works in his timing! She had met with missionaries years ago and wasn’t ready but now Annette is excited to come to church and do all that she can to keep the commandments!

We also got to help a member replace her zinc roof with a newer zinc roof! So that was a good time and she was so appreciative of the help! 
All in all a great week! We have got a lot done and it feels good to lie down at night and be dead tired! I love the work of the Lord!

The pictures:
The house is where the wall is being built to live the law of chastity the man is brother brown!  A member that always comes teaching with us!

Jordan's Baptism

The house and the law of chastity wall

Sunday, July 9, 2017

2 NEPHI 5:27

The week has been great! Every week I say that and it’s true! This week we have seen a lot of miracles working with the members! We are just here in a gold mine! There are a lot of part member families and families that are willing to share the Gospel with their loved ones! So we have been doing A LOT of member work and it is fun!

One of our investigators named Devan is the boyfriend to a member and they live in the same house... So we told him that he could be baptized if he lived in a separate room and separate bed than his girlfriend. That’s what President Pearson told us was ok. So we go to see him and he was building a wall between the two beds because they live in a one room house that is probably 15 by 15. So he was so excited to show us this wall that he was building so he could be baptized!! It was so awesome and put a huge smile on my face to see this man really willing to do all he can to follow God! Devan came to church and even brought one of his friends with him!! He is on fire with sharing the Gospel! He will be baptized on the 15th of July!
The picture is of a couple of boys that are one of the members kids in this area! The older one we have been teaching for a couple weeks and will be baptized on Wednesday! He is really smart! 

Through studies I found this awesome scripture in 2 Nephi 5: 27; "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness".  Nephi and his followers chose to be happy because they did what God asked of them! So it is with all of us! We can choose to be happy!! I am happy and enjoying every day!!

Elder Hansen