Monday, May 15, 2017

I have been blessed!

This week has been so so good! I have learned a lot and have felt the Spirit a lot stronger in my life as I have been focusing on prayer! This week we have done a lot of finding! It is always great to go finding! We find a lot of great people! As you probably know we struggle with people keeping their return appointments. So we will continue to press forward and have lessons on the spot with those who are interested! But this week I have seen so many miracles! One of them was the when we were visiting a very poor member up in the hills. She lives in a 10 by 10 board house with 2 little kids. The family is so happy! The kids laugh and run and just have a great time even though they don't have anything! But anyways at the close of the lesson the mother said the closing prayer. She prayed for 5 minutes, not for her or her family and what THEY NEED but for us as missionaries. Truly asking the Father in Heaven to pour out his spirit on us that we may be successful in doing his will!! I couldn't believe it! I just felt the spirit so strong and didn't know what to do because I have been so spoiled and greatly blessed in my life! I have really been trying to just be grateful for what I have and for the wonderful opportunity to be serving a mission here in the wonderful land of Jamaica!! 

Elder Hansen

Real Rastafari

Where we do our contacting!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Elvis Presley

This week has been wonderful! Something that was particularly funny, we were contacting and I met a guy named, "Elvis Presley Ja Wan a Bag a Weed"!!   You know how the rest of the contact went from there! But overall throughout the week we weren't able to see all of our investigators because it rained every single day!! It was great that it rained but too bad that people don’t like to meet with us when it’s raining! 

Also some other news is that the missions throughout the Caribbean will no longer have bikes.  So it will be all walking and taking the taxi’s. 

Elder Walker and I are doing great and we have really been trying to live the gospel in our own lives so we can teach with more power! It’s been great and we are learning a lot! 

God will bless those who keep his commandments! That is how we truly show our love for him!!

Elder Hansen

Monday, May 1, 2017

A Week Of Miracles!

This week has really been one to remember! So many miracles and great things have happened! This last week on Sunday there was a guy named Petral that showed up at church randomly! He said, "As I walking by the church dis mornin wit a spliff in one hand an de other a bokkle of rum, I really felt the urge, ya know the urge, to go inside that church. So I took one last chug of the rum and dashed it away! And walked through the doors." Since last week we have met with Petrol a lot and he is doing so good!! He is truly repenting and hasn’t smoked or drank since that time! It has been such a joy to see the change it has brought into his life! Every time we see him he gets more and more happy! He says that all his coworkers say that he looks different and something has changed with him! He was supposed to be baptized this coming Saturday but we are going to move it back to the 13th because of some things! But man it has been so awesome teaching him!! 

Later in the week we traveled to Kingston for a Mission Conference! The entire mission got together to have a meeting with Elder Martinez and Brother Owen the Young Men’s General President. It was a great meeting! They spoke on how we as missionaries need to be living the gospel in our lives so we can teach with more power and conviction! After that all the zone leader companionships got to have a segment in the meeting! Elder Walker and I taught on how we can live to reach our goals through inspired goal setting, planning to achieve those goals, and then being held accountable for the those goals! It was great to teach in front of the entire mission! 

Everything is going really well! We are so busy trying to see everyone and 
taxiing to all the different areas! It’s a blast and I am so grateful for the blessings we have received this last week!

Elder Hansen