Monday, November 6, 2017

The gospel of Jesus Christ is SO true!

This last week we had zone conference and were able to find a lot of new investigators through member referrals! All of which are awesome!

Zone conference was way good! President spoke on the Divine Companionship of the Holy Ghost in our companionship's! We have to have the Spirit with us or we are forbidden to teach! The Assistants taught on how to work with part member families and uniting all the families in the church. We taught on our zone goals and teaching interactively as the Savior would! It was a great meeting! Everyone left more motivated and receiving revelation on what we can do better at! 

We also found a great family through some members! We had a lesson with them and she has four kids under the age of 16. All of them sat in the lesson quietly, patiently, and participated in it! They are so awesome. The family has gone through a lot the past few months and so the mother, Sonita, just kept telling us how she feels different when she is around the missionaries and members of the church! She said she feels so much love and peace that no other church and people bring to her! She is really excited to come to church this next week and is going to start reading the Book of Mormon as a family! It was a very spiritual lesson! The member was crying and we were able to be tools in the Lords hand to help these people feel the love of God!
Man that just brings a lot of joy and happiness into my life seeing that! The gospel of Jesus Christ is SO true! HE can change lives! 

Elder Hansen

1. Playing a game called lughty with the elders on monday.
2. Try to read what some likkle pickne wrote on our pickup!
3. Some awesome pickne

4. tree doing the rock on

October 30, 2017

The week was awesome! Our investigators are doing great and they are doing soo good! 

On Sunday morning we called two of our investigators named Jay and Jt to see how the preparations for church were coming along. They told us that they were already at the church waiting and nobody else was there. These 2 brothers, ages 15 and 12, were at the church before anyone else. The next person to show up was bishop. Bishop let them in and they went to work setting up chairs and preparing the chapel for sacrament. They are on date for the 11th of November! They just love learning. Anything we teach they just soak up like a sponge and want to learn more! It has been so much fun teaching them and we really look forward to all they will do in their lives, including serving missions!

Also on Sunday we had Cameisha the investigator that lives an hour away, come to church. She has been scared and nervous about getting baptized so we had some members sit down and encourage her. By the end of church 3 or 4 different members sat down and talked with her and helped to encourage and lift her so she will be confident in baptism! She is also on date for the 11th of November! 

At church we also had 2 other investigators that loved church! They said they will be back to church next week! 

Sunday was just such a joyful day! I love the members and the people of Jamaica! The joy of Christ is among all of us as we are laboring in His vineyard! 

Elder Hansen

October 23, 2017

This week we had MLC. It was such an awesome meeting. It always is and we always learn so much! It gives a great idea on how the mission is doing and how our individual zones are doing! So some of the statistics of this last year. Our mission has baptized around 180 people this year which averages out to be about 3 baptisms per companionship for the year. Last year it averaged to be 2 per companionship. 

We also learned about the Divine companionship of the Holy Ghost within a companionship! We need the Spirit with us always or we shall not teach! WE need to live worthy and always be doing the activities that invite the Spirit into our lives! We have been trying to do better on this so we can teach more powerfully with the Spirit in our lesson! That way the Holy Ghost can take the truth to the heart of the investigator! 

We fasted with one of our investigators to help her resolve one of her concerns for baptism! She called us as we were almost done with the fast telling us that she is ready to be interviewed for baptism! She passed her interview! Baptism soon forward!

We also had 5 investigators to church on Sunday! It was GREAT! They all loved it and are doing well! Overall it was a great week! I have had such a great time helping others this week and it really does bring a lot of joy!

Elder Hansen

Monday, October 9, 2017

When it rains!

This last week has been full of rain and great teaching opportunities! It has rained almost every day and in turn cools the area! I have actually slept with a sheet over me for the past 4 nights! So that is pretty nice to have some colder weather! 

This week we had so many awesome lessons! Lessons that are really powerful and recharging! We have been working with this member named Brother Pryce. He served a mission here around 7 or 8  years ago! He is now in the stake. He is a machine at sharing the gospel! He is really bold! We had a lesson with one of his friends and she just wasn't really having any of it! He boldly testified of how he came to know this gospel to be true! She shrugged it off and he boldly brought her to church the next day! Turns out she loved church! She was participating in all the classes, talking with everyone, and really just wanted to learn more! The Spirit can truly work wonders! We were able to see that with another investigator, a referral from the same member.  He showed up to church unexpectedly and loved it the same way! It was such a great and spiritual Sabbath day yesterday and I am just way grateful for the Lords help in the work! 

Every day is a great day to be in JAMAICA! EVERY DAY I am coming closer to Christ and also helping others to find Him and that brings JOY! 

Elder Hansen

Monday, October 2, 2017

October 2, 2017

It has been a great week with General Conference and getting our investigators closer towards baptism! We have been receiving a lot of referrals from members that are truly ready for the gospel! Every time we receive referrals it just reminds how effective and fun member missionary work is! So that being said help the missionaries around you to teach those who are prepared! The missionaries will much appreciate and God will much appreciate it as well! Enough blessings to come as we share what brings us so much joy!

General Conference was way good! I learned a lot! The speakers seemed to have a focus on the Book of Mormon, families in the gospel, and our pathway back to living with our Heavenly Father! All of the talks were really inspiring! I really liked Stanley G. Ellis' talk on how hard times are a constant in life, the variable is how we will react to the hard times. Its so true the question isnt, "Will there be hard times" but more of, "How should I react to this hard time". Its a lot harder done than said but with the help of our loving Savior we can do all things and he will be there every step of the way as long as we look to Him. I know that is true and I know that Christ wants to help us! We just need to exercise our agency in the right way!

On another note "Mama Eddie" the member who feeds us every Sunday, fed us some delicious turkey neck and rice! Turkey neck is so good! You just eat the bones and all! High in protein and calcium.  Good stuff! And another good week ahead of us! bless up!

Elder Hansen

September 25, 2017

Some highlights to the week:
-Had Zone Conference on Wednesday. We taught on how becoming more like Christ will help us to in all aspects of missionary work.
-Got to visit sister Lawrence one of our investigators that is planning to be baptized on the 7th of October. She has so much faith. her son who is a recent convert of about 9 or so months has gone wild. he worships solacie and just curses bad things about the church and about us. But this doesn't stop sister Lawrence! She is still reading the book of Mormon, praying, and getting to church!
- This morning we traveled to the blue mountains. To go for a nice explore into the mountains! It was great! We got into the middle of the mountains and into these tiny roads and towns! Where no white man has ever traveled probably! haha The looks from the people are hilarious but they are so friendly and welcoming to us! We then came across a military base. As we were traveling through the base we took a wrong road somehow and got real lost in this military base. We were driving all over the place trying to find the main road and couldn't... finally someone found us and helped us out! haha so that was a way fun experience! Jamaica is so beautiful and it was nice to get into some cooler weather and see all the mountains!

Overall a great week! Every week is great getting to the Lords work and help others to find the gospel of Jesus Christ! My testimony of Him and of His gospel is growing everyday and I love it! Bless up to all!

Elder Hansen

Friday, September 22, 2017

September 18, 2017

Well another great week has passed! We are still busy with everyone we have been working with! On Sunday we had an investigator that lives an hour away show up and hour early for sacrament! It was so awesome! We get a call from her telling us that we are late to sacrament!  She is awesome and she loves coming to church! She has been 3 of the last 4 Sundays and has to travel an hour by taxi to get to church! Just goes to show if any one has the desire to come to church they will come! Real desire means real action!

We also had another Missionary Leader Counsel in Kingston on Friday! We talked about how we can find JOY every day in the work no matter what! It was a great counsel and we will get to present to everyone on Wednesday at Zone Conference!

Everyday we are witnessing miracles whether big or small! It is great to be able to point people in the right direction for them to find eternal joy and happiness! That is through Christ and living his gospel. We might find temporary happiness with things of this world which is good! Don't get me wrong! Skiing and biking are great but living the gospel is eternal JOY! Everyday is a great day to be in JAMAICA! yea MON!

Elder Hansen