Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Do you know Jesus Christ?

This week with it being Christmas was awesome! Down here in the 80 degree weather with no snow, Christmas lights, or cold just didn't feel how Christmas normally feels. However, most people were home so we got to talk to a lot of people through tracting during this last week. Most everyone believes in Christ down here and go to Church every Sunday. So when we talk to them about Jesus Christ they all say that they already know Jesus and they don’t need to know anymore. It’s funny though because nobody knows enough about Jesus otherwise we would all be perfect if we knew Christ and wanted to be like him!

On Christmas we had a bunch of members invite us over so we were constantly eating food! I have never been so full! The food down here in Texas is sooo good!! It was a really good Christmas to have Christ in my mind and try to share that with other people! One member gave us a bunch of Secret Santa presents so we went and delivered all those. It is so awesome to see people be so thankful and surprised when we would show up with a big present for them! Who knows what they were going to get but at least they were super thankful and excited to get something for Christmas! 

We have a couple investigators who are just stuck...they don’t know what church to be baptized into. So we have been trying to help them realize this Church! It's often hard to put myself in their shoes and see what they are seeing but I know that as I try to help them by sincerely caring for them, eventually they will come around.

I am starting to get more comfortable with being a missionary every day! It was hard to start a completely different lifestyle but now each and every day is more enjoyable. I am so glad for the opportunity I have to serve a mission and I know that as I devote all of my time and will to the Lord, the people we help will be blessed.  I’m excited to be down here in Texas! 


Elder Hansen

Monday, December 21, 2015

I'm in Brenham, Texas!

Good morning to everyone! I made it to Brenham, Texas. There is literally not a mountain in sight! I am so disoriented it’s not even funny! But the town is pretty small. My companion and I are over a branch. The branch has maybe a 100 people in it and the boundaries for the branch are huge! We sometimes drive an hour to get to get to places within the branch boundaries. But all of the members are super nice! I have never seen so many wranglers and cowboy boots at church! haha Probably about 95% of the men in the branch wear wranglers and cowboy boots to church including the Branch President! We eat at a member’s home every night so that’s way cool!

    At church yesterday this guy was standing in the back just doing nothing. So we told him to come sit by us. By the way this guy is obviously not a member. He was pretty sketchy looking...While he’s sitting next to me I’m thinking oh you know new investigator. Just walks in, wants to be religious! Nope not the case. And so while the deacons are passing the Sacrament he pulls out his phone and calls someone. I'm just waiting to see if he was going to start talking. So he starts talking and tells whoever he is talking to that there is no breakfast here. All of my hopes went out the window! Anyway, as the first speaker gets up he heads out. I was sad for the guy because he didn't want to stay for church but also that he was hungry for some breakfast.

     My companion is Elder Ross. He is a pretty cool guy! He’s been out in the field for 3 months in the same area we are in right now. He is from Morgan Utah. Every companionship that I meet has got somebody from Utah. It is a bit ridiculous. It’s just us two in our apartment. The apartment is way nice, it has 2 bathrooms, washer and dryer, big living room, and a big kitchen. I'm scared to get used to living like this because when I get to Jamaica it’s going to be hard to live in a shack. The apartment address is 1120 Green Street Appt. 3 Brenham, Texas. 77833.

     I also want to say how much better being out in the field is than in the MTC. The MTC was great and all, other than you're practically in a prison. Putting all that I’ve learned in the MTC to use is a lot better. We are always very busy meeting less active and recent converts, and also teaching the investigators that Elder Ross had before I got here. 

      Yesterday as we were tracting we were just about done with this one neighborhood that nobody wanted to hear anything. It was time to leave and head to a dinner appointment when I thought we should stop by one last house. So we did...and they let us in so we taught them about the Book of Mormon. They want to hear more so that was exciting to find someone brand new for the first time. I’m just so glad to be out here actually serving the Lord now! Sometimes when people are rude or just slam the door it’s not too fun but I know that as we continue to work our hardest we will find Joy in everything we do!

Elder Hansen

Monday, December 14, 2015

Leaving for Houston...

So I fly out Wednesday morning at like 9 to Houston! My companion and this other sister in my district fly out with me also because their visas haven't gotten here either! 

This week has been filled with so much learning and teaching! As we are continually role playing these "investigators" I am learning how to teach by the spirit and say what I need to say! I have learned so much this week its kinda crazy! Like the learning is never ending! Sunday is always good because we get to relax a little more by watching conference talks or Mormon Messages. 

I am excited to get in the real field and actually start teaching! I know that as I continue to devote my time to the Lord we will be blessed! I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to serve the Lord! I know that if I work my hardest I will be able to do what I need to do! And that is to bring many to the gospel by inviting and helping others! 


Elder Braeden Hansen

Monday, December 7, 2015

All is well at the MTC

I can’t believe that it is only Monday! We have done so much these past 5 days. I have also learned more in these past few days than I ever have! It’s really crazy how good the teachers are at the MTC. Like everything just makes since! Or at least most of it! But at the end of the day my companion and I are so exhausted! We can hardly stay awake during our last meetings. I never thought I could be so tired from sitting in classrooms all day but I guess when you are learning so much and are so engulfed in the spirit then that happens!

We also got to see the Christmas Devotional last night which was way cool! Sunday, was the first day where we have actually had a little time to just do what we want, like watch Mormon Messages or older conference talks.

All is well here in the MTC! Just trying to take in as much as I can and not fall asleep!

 Love you all!

Elder Hansen

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Saying goodbye at the MTC!  

Good luck Elder Hansen, we love you!!