Thursday, March 30, 2017

Montego Bay...Finding!

This week has been so so good! I got to Montego Bay on Tuesday and since then we have been working really hard! On Wednesday we had to drive to Savannah La Mar for a district meeting, then on Thursday to Ocho Rios for another district meeting, and then back to Kingston for Missionary Leader Counsel! So, we did a lot of driving! But it was all very good and we have learned a lot from the different meetings we've been to! 

Our area here in Mobay is really awesome! Super beautiful! Since we have a truck we have a huge area that goes through all the surrounding mountains and into a bunch of little villages in the middle of nowhere! 

The branch here is also really strong! There were about 90 people at church on Sunday and they all have really great testimonies! I am super excited to be working with them!

My companion, Elder Walker is a really great missionary, he just got done being the assistant to the president! I have already learned so much from him and look forward to continue that! 

Something that we have been focusing on is finding! Wherever we are, whether at district meetings, in Kingston, or wherever, we talk to EVERYONE! It has been so good and makes us feel like we are really doing our part to talk to everyone and share the gospel with them!

Elder Hansen

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Back to Montego Bay!

Well, we got the call and I will be going back to Montego Bay in Jamaica as the north coast zone leader! I leave here in a couple hours. Super excited but I also am sad to be leaving the Turks!! The Turks has been a great place and I have learned so much from being here!! The Haitians are such a humble people and it has really influenced to just be grateful for what I have! The Turks has definitely been my hardest area I’ve had just because of the different and unique challenges such as not speaking the main language, or contacting for 8 hours every day! But you know what; I enjoyed these challenges because it has helped me to become a more patient person and just being able to do Heavenly Fathers will no matter what!

Also Patrick our recent convert was able to receive the Priesthood yesterday and that was really good to see him keep moving forward in the gospel! i am so excited to see where this branch is in a couple years as the Priesthood continues to grow! 

Well as normal we had a great week! I am excited for the future and what is still to come and I know that whatever it is, I will be sharing the gospel with everyone!
bless up yu self!

Elder Hansen

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The sun is shinning and the water is still blue!

We had a great week this week! We did a lot of contacting! Contacting is great,its hard, but its great! Getting to go out and talk to every single person you see about Jesus Christ is enjoyable. Some people we talk to are less excited to see us and others more excited! But we are here to find those that will receive us so we will continue until we find them!

Patrick, the guy who got baptized a couple weeks ago was finally able to be confirmed this week! I had the opportunity to confirm him and that was a wonderful experience for me! 

Other than that the sun is still shining and the water is blue!! Elder Shepherd and I are having a really good time together and we are excited for the upcoming week!

Elder Hansen