Sunday, October 30, 2016

Great things are happening!!

October 17, 2016
Well this week has been a pretty average week in the field! But that’s ok because an average week in the field is still great! Elder Moyes and I have really been trying to find, teach, and baptize those who are prepared and ready! We have been dropping a lot of investigators just because they aren’t quite ready! If we are going to be baptizing every 10 days then there will be no time to be teaching those who aren’t ready! So it’s hard but really good because I do know that as we continue to exercise our faith and find those prepared people we will be blessed with baptizing those people! Something that i have been thinking about this week is procrastinating the day of our repentance as it talks about in Alma 34. A lot of times when we challenge people to be baptized within 10 seconds of meeting them they tell us that they are not ready to go to church or to be baptized or change their life yet... Yes that may be true but... if we continue to procrastinate repentance until the end then we have passed the time available to repent! Where then we can’t repent and we become subject to the devil! Sounds very gruesome, but it is true! We need to be doing all that we can in this life right now!! Well I know that as we do this and as we become more like our Savior we will be blessed and move towards Eternal Life!

October 24, 2016     

Another great week has passed and we were very busy throughout the week! We were able to find a really cool family as well! We were able to stop by and share a quick message about the restoration and the Book of Mormon! They were really interested and later that night they were able to read through some of the book together as a family! It was really awesome to get to see a happy family like this because it is pretty rare to find a married couple with a family that is together. A lot of the people down here aren’t married and don’t live together as families... It is really sad because they don’t know the joy that comes from that! I can definitely tell you that I took my family for granted when I was back home! And until you don’t have something you don’t realize how grateful you are for that!! So it was really nice to be able to talk with and help this family that has good family values! And we will continue to work that family this week so they can prepare for baptism and experience even more joy of having the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost! I am truly grateful for all that I have especially all of my family!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hurricanes, baptisms and big goals!!

This week has been really great! We had zone meeting where President Pearson and the AP's were there so it was really good! They continued to talk about how our mission President expects to baptize 1820 people this coming year! Which would mean that there would have to be 36 baptisms every week throughout the mission. Right now the mission baptized about 6 every week! It is a huge goal and I am so excited to accomplish this goal!  Each companionship would have to be baptizing every 10 days! Jamaica would be able to get a temple in close to 4 years, because you need around 5 stakes to consider for a temple and right now there is one stake here in Jamaica! Really the big push is building all of our faith so that we can accomplish this goal… if we have the faith and we put in the work, then Heavenly Father will make things happen!

As for today we are emailing because Monday and next week we will probably be inside due to a hurricane headed our way so we will see what happens. But I am so excited and know that we will be able to start baptizing every 10 days so we can help hasten the work here in Jamaica! I am also very excited for the day that this country will get their own temple! 

Elder Hansen