Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Great week!

It was a crazy busy week we had! I have been living with other Elders in Linstead for a few days until Elder Moyes got to the Island on Wednesday. He is from South Jordan! It has been a great week with him so far! We had a lot of lessons and were able to see a lot of our investigators! It has been great just to throw him into the mix of things!

The past week has reminded me of a lot of when I was being trained! Getting to the island not having any American food or snacks, and not understand a thing that people are saying! Haha, good times but he is really doing great and is adjusting fast to the culture. It has been a learning experience for me to try to see what can help him progress faster and be able to teach the people!

I am excited for the next 2 transfers that I will get to serve with Elder Moyes! It will be a learning experience for both of us!

Elder Hansen

Monday, August 22, 2016

Two amazing weeks in one blog post...

August 15, 2016

This week has truly been a great one! First off, Beverly Tingling received an answer that the Book of Mormon is true!! We asked how she knew and she said that she was able to feel the power of the Holy Ghost as she read and prayed about it!! It was so great to hear her say those words because a lot of the time she has a hard time understanding everything! So the spirit has truly been able to work on her! She continually tells us how she wants to and needs to get baptized so that she can be sealed to her family! That is what it is all about!! Helping people to make it to the Temple so that Families can be sealed together forever because without the priesthood power being restored and the ordinances done in the temple there would be no hope for us to return back to our Father in Heaven!!

Then on Sunday we had a member fireside where Linda K. Burton, Neil Marriot, of the Relief Society presidency and then Hugo E. Martinez were here visiting. It was so great to hear them speak and bare simple testimony of the Savior and what the people of Jamaica need to do to become a "Zion-Like" nation! It was fantastic and we were able to bring Brother Mauris Tingling with us. The person who has been gone for more than 10 years and has recently started coming back to full-activity! I know I have talked about him before but it is so awesome to see how the gospel changes people! It really is like a light coming back on in somebody! When we first met him he quiet and didn’t talk a lot now he jokes around laughs and seems like a lot happier person!! It has been really great to help people come closer to our Heavenly Father and I am grateful for that!

August 22, 2016

A miraculous week we have had! Transfer calls came and I will be staying in Linstead as district leader as well as training a new elder! So that will be exciting! I go down on Wednesday to pick him up! Too bad elder porter had to leave but he was just transferred to Spanish Town which isn’t too far away.
But for the week... we were able to get a lot done with our investigators! We were also able to find a lot of new investigators that have some great potential! But for a miracle this week: We were riding down to see one of our investigators named Delroy. He lives by a bar... so we are riding down this hill and can see that there is a lot of people outside the bar talking to him. As we are riding up Elder porter and I are saying to ourselves "and everyone be gone", "and everyone go away". So as we ride up we find Delroy amongst the crowd of people and ask if we are still good to sit down for a while. He said, “sure.”  So we go and sit down and before we know it EVERYONE was gone! I didn’t even realize they had left but they had all vanished! It was really cool to see the power of Heavenly Father.

But as I continued to think about this it reminded me of the story with Joshua and leading the children of Israel through the Jordan River. The river didn’t part as priesthood bearers sat on the edge of the river, they had to start walking into to the river to show their faith and then the water parted! So as elder porter and I started into the crowd instead of just riding by we were able to "part the crowd" so we could have a lesson with Delroy to help him towards Salvation.

Elder Hansen

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Great things are happening!

This week has been pretty good! However I did break my bicycle crank shaft this last week so that was no fun trying to run around to different shops to find the right parts and then put it all together! 

We also helped one of the members get saw dust for his chicken coop. Nobody really has vehicles here so we just had to use our bikes but we hiked clear up this trail into the mountains.  Basically just going straight up! I just keep thinking to myself, “Who has a saw mill in the middle of nowhere??”   But, we finally get there and have to haul 5 large bags of sawdust back down this trail to his house! So that was pretty good trying to ride down while holding this huge bag of saw dust! 

As for our investigators, they are doing great! We are still working with all of them and they are progressing well! Over time they will continue to repent and change their lives so they can be baptized! Something that was also great to see was seeing the spirit work on Beverly Tingling! She has a really hard time understanding the gospel or really anything! But as we started to testify, very simply, she started to understand a lot better! She then agreed to be baptized on September 4th! So great things to come and great things currently happening!

Elder Hansen