Monday, April 24, 2017

Service in Jamaica!

So this week has been great! We did a lot of service for the members of the branch. Earlier in the week we helped a sister cast a pit for her house... She lives up in the mountains so she doesn’t have any sewage. So you dig a super deep pit and then put a concrete pad over it! So that was good and really hard! It was a super humid day and the sun was out so we were all just drenched in sweat by the time we were done but it really helpful to her because nobody else would help her with it! 

Then, throughout the week we had a great time visiting all of our investigators! We have really been blessed these past couple weeks with a lot of investigators through the members and most importantly through the Lord! We are working with around 10 to 12 people that should be baptized in the coming month!! So that is really exciting!!

Also our truck is down in Kingston so we have been walking and using taxis for the past couple of days! Man i got to say the AC in the truck is pretty nice!! haha but it’s great we get to talk to more people as we are walking around anyway!

Then on Saturday we had another service project of helping a member cast their roof! Luckily the forms were already set up but we had to mix a lot cement to make the roof! It’s really good getting back in the concrete life! Overall we had a fantastic week doing service and doing the Lords work! So grateful that I can be here serving the peoples of Jamaica!!

Elder Hansen

Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 18, 2017

This week has been so great! We did a lot of great things and accomplished a lot! That is always nice! We even had some time to proselyte this week! Through proselyting we found some awesome people especially while using the Easter initiative to bring more peace to people’s lives! It was really good! With this one lady we found we have really been able to see the light of Jesus Christ flow into her life! She said to us yesterday, "When I get home I always think of smoking but, then I remember the BOOK!" The Book of Mormon has really helped her to find more peace in her life just as all of us can find more peace through the Book of Mormon! She and her two boys came to church also and they loved it!! We are excited to work with them to baptism here in a few weeks! 
This week we also traveled down to Kingston for an emergency preparedness plan! It was pretty cool to go and participate in the plans for this year on all the different emergencies! 
Overall a fantastic week bringing more peace into people’s lives because of JESUS CHRIST!

Elder Hansen

April 10, 2017

The week has been great!! We have been having so much fun finding and teaching new people! We had a lot of vehicle problems this week that took time out of proselyting but it was OK because we still tried our very hardest to go and talk with everyone! We love contacting! It’s a great time to be able to go and build our teaching pool with those who are ready for the gospel! This week we found a couple that is looking to get married! We have had very spiritual lessons with them and they have made it their personal goal to read and pray about the Book of Mormon every night! It is a really great time being able to teach them because they are so willing to act and learn for themselves! They even came to church this Sunday! They were 30 minutes early and the man was wearing a white shirt and a tie! The members thought they were members from another branch! I am so excited to continue working with them in the coming weeks up to their baptism! Finding them and being able to help them has been the greatest miracle among the many this week!

Elder Hansen

The Old MTC District!

Friday, April 14, 2017

"Zone Conference and White Storm"

Letter from April 3, 2017

Well this week was so so awesome! We had zone conference, our "white storm", and then General Conference! It was a great week to be in Jamaica! 
So for zone conference we taught on how we can apply the Easter initiative into the work here! It was really good! Role played a contacting situation to share the video of peace! Then we had 2 former missionaries from like 20 years ago speak to us! They were some great people! They spoke on how their missions have influenced their lives! They spoke on how much our attitude plays a role in the way our life goes! If we have a good attitude towards everything even if what we are going through isn’t fun then everything will be alright! Everything will be much more enjoyable! But overall it was just a zone conference to big up yuself! 

After zone conference we had our white storm for the zone! The whole zone came together and went contacting in one area!!!! It was so awesome! We were driving around at the beginning handing out supplies to the missionaries and every street we turned down there were missionaries talking to people!! It was a really neat experience and all the missionaries loved it! This was the first time a white storm has happened in the mission because Elder Walker and I brought it up to the missionary leadership council last week! But based on the results it will be happening a lot more now!! So we are super excited for that!! 

Then General Conference to finish the week off! What a great week! I really enjoyed all the talks but one that I really liked was by Elder Stevenson on how the Holy Ghost can help us!!! There really is so many ways the Holy Spirit can help us if we but let him!! I am grateful that we have a Prophet who is led by God and receives Revelation for us!! May we all follow and listen to his voice on the Book of Mormon and having Charity!

Elder Hansen