Sunday, August 6, 2017

Great Examples!

July 31, 2017

Annette Waight the one we found through the Levy Family is doing so good! She was so ready to be baptized and the ward welcomed her with welcome arms! IT is always exciting to get to watch persons be baptized! The emotions they have and the progress they have made in the Gospel! 

Elder Willard and I are having a blast! Every day is a GREAT day to be in Jamaica! The work is still going so good here in Spanish Town! The ward is strong! The members are excellent and we are really developing some great friendships with all the members! Since developing this relationship and working with them to share the gospel we now have 2 confirmed meal appointments a week! Hahaha! There are so many blessings that come from working with the members including eating chicken foot soup and turkey neck! I love the food! It is nice!

One lesson I learned this week while reading in the Book of Mormon is how Ammon set a great example about how to act when people don’t like you or you don’t like them!  When he meets King Lamoni’s father, the father wants to slay Ammon because he is a "Nephite" but despite their little dispute and Ammon showing him who is boss he always loved the father and King Lamoni. Because of that love and care towards them Lamoni’s father wanted to learn more and in turn most of the Lamamite kingdom was converted! I think it is just really cool to see the impact that played on so many lives as Ammon really showed how to Act like Christ! 

Everything a gwon Great! 

Elder Hansen

Joy in Spanish Town!

July 24, 2017

This week has been once again another great and successful week! I have never worked with the members so much in my mission! I love it! It is so much fun to work with all the members and find success with them! When their friends and family are baptized that strengthens the members faith to go and share the gospel with even more people! So there is a lot of JOY in Spanish Town right now! Elder Suwyn and I have truly loved serving with each other but we got the transfer call that he will be going to Santa Cruz and I will be receiving Elder Willard. Elder Willard is a brand new missionary. He’s been out 5 weeks but he is a boss! He actually is already living in Spanish town really close to us in a different area so we are regularly with him! So I am really excited to work with him also! He is from American Fork. 

We went on another excursion to find this former investigator up in the middle of nowhere. That’s where these pictures come from. But man Jamaica is really beautiful! I love getting out of the cities and getting more into the country to see the humble but happy and joyful circumstances people live in! They are happy to be alive and give God thanks and praise every morning they wake up! As should we all!

Elder Hansen

Friday, July 21, 2017

Another great week! Devon's Baptism!!!

Another great week accomplished! The work is going so so good! The members are doing so great at sharing the gospel and we are receiving referrals from them weekly! Because of that we are very busy and the time is going by too fast! 

As for Devon’s baptism, it went really good! He was so prepared and ready to do that! He was so excited and talked to everyone about his baptism! I always say this but it such a great experience to work with someone from the point of meeting them and them progressing to be baptized! The Atonement of Jesus Christ is so real! I know that because I have not only seen repentance work for me in my life but I get to watch how repentance will completely change others way of living and who they are to be more pleasing to the Father! That is a really joyful process and then to get them go under the water! It really brings a lot of JOY! I love it! I love these Jamaican people as well! It is so much fun getting to work with all the families in the ward and watch them put the Gospel to work! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true!

Picture of the baptism! 

Picture of the drive to Linstead each week!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Jordan's Baptism

The work a gwon! We have had a blast this week with Jordon’s Baptism, a few tradeoffs, working with the members, investigators and also putting a new roof on a church sisters home. 

Jordon’s baptism went really well! He was way excited about being baptized and was really able to feel the Spirit as he followed the Savior!
We have an awesome investigator we found last week through a member. Her name is Annette and she was on date for the 29th. When she came to church she came up to us and told us she wouldn’t be able to make her date to be baptized... She then went on to say how she could be baptized on the 30th! She is so awesome and is really ready to follow the Savior! It is really cool to see how the Lord works in his timing! She had met with missionaries years ago and wasn’t ready but now Annette is excited to come to church and do all that she can to keep the commandments!

We also got to help a member replace her zinc roof with a newer zinc roof! So that was a good time and she was so appreciative of the help! 
All in all a great week! We have got a lot done and it feels good to lie down at night and be dead tired! I love the work of the Lord!

The pictures:
The house is where the wall is being built to live the law of chastity the man is brother brown!  A member that always comes teaching with us!

Jordan's Baptism

The house and the law of chastity wall

Sunday, July 9, 2017

2 NEPHI 5:27

The week has been great! Every week I say that and it’s true! This week we have seen a lot of miracles working with the members! We are just here in a gold mine! There are a lot of part member families and families that are willing to share the Gospel with their loved ones! So we have been doing A LOT of member work and it is fun!

One of our investigators named Devan is the boyfriend to a member and they live in the same house... So we told him that he could be baptized if he lived in a separate room and separate bed than his girlfriend. That’s what President Pearson told us was ok. So we go to see him and he was building a wall between the two beds because they live in a one room house that is probably 15 by 15. So he was so excited to show us this wall that he was building so he could be baptized!! It was so awesome and put a huge smile on my face to see this man really willing to do all he can to follow God! Devan came to church and even brought one of his friends with him!! He is on fire with sharing the Gospel! He will be baptized on the 15th of July!
The picture is of a couple of boys that are one of the members kids in this area! The older one we have been teaching for a couple weeks and will be baptized on Wednesday! He is really smart! 

Through studies I found this awesome scripture in 2 Nephi 5: 27; "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness".  Nephi and his followers chose to be happy because they did what God asked of them! So it is with all of us! We can choose to be happy!! I am happy and enjoying every day!!

Elder Hansen

Monday, June 26, 2017

Every day is great in Jamaica!

Spanish Town is awesome! Everyone always says Spanish Town is the best and I never thought so because of how hot, flat, and dry it is here but I really love Spanish Town! The members here are so much fun to work with! We have been doing a lot of member work and we are seeing the blessings that come from that! We put 3 people on date for July and 2 of those are both from part member families! So the work is great and we love it!

We also had Zone Conference this last week and there was a lot learned! We continued to talk on attitude and mindset. The importance of having a positive attitude and the right mindset for missionary work especially for accomplishing our goals! We need to believe that we can accomplish the goals we set and then go to work so that the Lord will bless us. With also having the correct motives behind the things we do! It is true! I love the people of Jamaica and every day is a great day in Jamaica! We find happiness in everything even if it people calling us "Whiteey" or whatever else!  Have a great and positive week!


Elder Hansen

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Spanish Town is nice!

Well this week has been another great one! Spent most of the week in Mobay and then on Saturday we traveled down to Kingston for MLC and traded off with Elder Suwyn as my new companion! Elder Suwyn is way cool! We have always served around each other in the same zone! He is from Vernal Utah and has been out for just over a year! He is a solid missionary and we are really excited to be serving together! 

Spanish Town is a lot different than Mobay. I won’t be seeing white people for as long as I am here! That’s a good thing because white people that aren’t missionaries scare us pretty bad! It’s weird but it’s true, so Spanish Town will be nice to be fully engulfed in the culture!  The ward here is also really strong! There was a 100 people at sacrament and they are successful people! I’m really glad and excited to work with the great people of Spanish Town!

Other than that the work continues and we are working harder than ever to just LOVE EVERYONE! It’s hard I’ll be honest! Some other people that belong to other denominations are so hard hearted that they don’t want to hear a single thing we have to say... but ... that doesn’t matter we just have to show love and truly care for these people! We have seen a change in the reaction of people as we are working on this! I know that Jesus Christ LOVED everyone and he wanted the best for each and every one! May we all try to have that same love for the people we are around every day! 

Try to figure out what the sticker is saying on the back of the car!

Elder Hansen

Monday, June 12, 2017

Onto Spanish Town

Well transfer calls came this week and I will be leaving to Spanish town! I am both really sad and excited! Mobay is such a great place and I don’t want to leave but Spanish Town will be great also! Spanish is a lot more "Jamaican". You could say there is no hard rock cafe in Spanish Town! So I leave Saturday morning to there! 
This last week we had an excellent time working with the members! In 2 days we visited 4 members and of those 4 members we got 3 referrals! Really solid referrals! One that will be baptized in the next few weeks for sure! She came to church on Sunday and has been studying the Book of Mormon in depth! So, I’m really excited for the people we found through working with members! Member work is truly the most effective way to baptize a lot of people!  I invite you all to find people to share the gospel with and then call the missionaries and tell them that you want them to teach your friends! I promise the missionaries will be more than excited!  I’ll follow up on this commitment as well!  D & C 18:15-16. I know that your joy will be great!

The pictures: as you can see Hard rock cafe! We ate lunch there today and let me tell you how great the burger was! 
Then the truck with some Jamaica defense force in the back with their rifles! They are some crazy people! 

Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Hansen

June 5, 2017

The week has been awesome! We have got a lot of work done and being in the tri is great! We are all learning a lot and are trying our best to manage two areas while traveling to all the district meetings! 
We were able to have one of our investigators named Maurice baptized as well! He is way cool! He is 22 and lives in a pretty bad area by himself. So we have been teaching him for 3 weeks and he was so so excited to be baptized! He also wants to serve a mission and get to the temple as fast as he can in a year!! I know I have said this before but it is really great being able to help someone find the joy of the gospel! He is just excited about everything that he learns! Anytime we would teach about commandments, he would always agree to live them the second he heard them! That is just awesome! Very humble and willing to follow God!! I want to become more like that! 

As for the Rasta on the bike which has been handmade and motorized! We were just driving and wondering what is this rasta wearing! So he was way cool, talked to him for a bit while driving beside him! But another great week in Jamaica! Loving it!!

Elder Hansen

May 29, 2017 Another week in Jam Rock!

Well another crazy week in Jamrock flew by! But everything is so good! This week we had an elder that had to go home due to a bad eye infection so we are now in a tri-panionship. Getting to serve with Elder Craig now is great! He was my MTC comp! So it’s been a blast being back with him! 

This week we were contacting in this more successful part of the area meaning people have a LOT more money. We have been trying to find those intellectual, successful, and rich people to help build up the church in Jamaica! Our mission president has asked us to focus our efforts towards these people and we have already seen the blessings from it! But back to this successful area, I get out and the 1st MARRIED COUPLE i talked with were some of the coolest people I have ever talked to in Jamaica! They were married which was a miracle in and of itself and they were very smart!! They knew a lot about the church but had never met with the missionaries. The husband knew about seer stones, baptisms for the dead, temple sealing’s, the doctrine behind the Book of Mormon, and just about everything else! In Jamaica that is extremely rare! Most people don’t even know what the church is! So it was so good to talk with them and have them meet with the missionaries where they were from!

This morning we woke early so we could travel to Negril and look around! It was super pretty down there! We even found where Nitro Circus went. Those are the pictures! Overall, such a great week doing the Lords work here! I am happy, healthy, and truly everything is great!!

Elder Hansen

May 22, 2017

This week... man I don’t know where to start we were so busy all week long!! On Tuesday morning we woke at 2 so we could make it to Kingston on time for MLC. So that was an adventure and then had an excellent meeting on what the mission is trying to focus on!! MLC meetings are always so spiritual and I really learn so much on what we can be doing to be better and more skilled servants of our Heavenly Father! 

On Wednesday we drove out to this place called New Hope Trelawney... Basically in the middle of the mountains out in nowhere! But it was such a beautiful drive through the hills and the tiny villages throughout! Then we had a lesson after the 2 hour drive! She had been NEEDING a Book of Mormon for a long time! She was very prepared to receive the gospel and wants to be baptized so we are really excited for her even though we won’t be teaching her. We passed her on to some other missionaries that live a little closer! 

On Friday we had Zone Conference. Elder Harrah and I got to prepare the whole meeting which was a cool experience and we feel that it went really well for all the missionaries! On how we can break the barriers or traditions of the mission that hold us back through goal setting and planning!
Then an exchange with the assistants! So it was a great week of learning and application! Thankful for all the tender mercies we have seen this week! 

Oh also we went to a wedding and got to have some Manish water again! Manish water is basically goat head and goat belly soup! It is actually really good!!!! I have had it quite a few times throughout my mission and have to be grateful for when i get to have it again!!

Elder Hansen

Monday, May 15, 2017

I have been blessed!

This week has been so so good! I have learned a lot and have felt the Spirit a lot stronger in my life as I have been focusing on prayer! This week we have done a lot of finding! It is always great to go finding! We find a lot of great people! As you probably know we struggle with people keeping their return appointments. So we will continue to press forward and have lessons on the spot with those who are interested! But this week I have seen so many miracles! One of them was the when we were visiting a very poor member up in the hills. She lives in a 10 by 10 board house with 2 little kids. The family is so happy! The kids laugh and run and just have a great time even though they don't have anything! But anyways at the close of the lesson the mother said the closing prayer. She prayed for 5 minutes, not for her or her family and what THEY NEED but for us as missionaries. Truly asking the Father in Heaven to pour out his spirit on us that we may be successful in doing his will!! I couldn't believe it! I just felt the spirit so strong and didn't know what to do because I have been so spoiled and greatly blessed in my life! I have really been trying to just be grateful for what I have and for the wonderful opportunity to be serving a mission here in the wonderful land of Jamaica!! 

Elder Hansen

Real Rastafari

Where we do our contacting!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Elvis Presley

This week has been wonderful! Something that was particularly funny, we were contacting and I met a guy named, "Elvis Presley Ja Wan a Bag a Weed"!!   You know how the rest of the contact went from there! But overall throughout the week we weren't able to see all of our investigators because it rained every single day!! It was great that it rained but too bad that people don’t like to meet with us when it’s raining! 

Also some other news is that the missions throughout the Caribbean will no longer have bikes.  So it will be all walking and taking the taxi’s. 

Elder Walker and I are doing great and we have really been trying to live the gospel in our own lives so we can teach with more power! It’s been great and we are learning a lot! 

God will bless those who keep his commandments! That is how we truly show our love for him!!

Elder Hansen

Monday, May 1, 2017

A Week Of Miracles!

This week has really been one to remember! So many miracles and great things have happened! This last week on Sunday there was a guy named Petral that showed up at church randomly! He said, "As I walking by the church dis mornin wit a spliff in one hand an de other a bokkle of rum, I really felt the urge, ya know the urge, to go inside that church. So I took one last chug of the rum and dashed it away! And walked through the doors." Since last week we have met with Petrol a lot and he is doing so good!! He is truly repenting and hasn’t smoked or drank since that time! It has been such a joy to see the change it has brought into his life! Every time we see him he gets more and more happy! He says that all his coworkers say that he looks different and something has changed with him! He was supposed to be baptized this coming Saturday but we are going to move it back to the 13th because of some things! But man it has been so awesome teaching him!! 

Later in the week we traveled to Kingston for a Mission Conference! The entire mission got together to have a meeting with Elder Martinez and Brother Owen the Young Men’s General President. It was a great meeting! They spoke on how we as missionaries need to be living the gospel in our lives so we can teach with more power and conviction! After that all the zone leader companionships got to have a segment in the meeting! Elder Walker and I taught on how we can live to reach our goals through inspired goal setting, planning to achieve those goals, and then being held accountable for the those goals! It was great to teach in front of the entire mission! 

Everything is going really well! We are so busy trying to see everyone and 
taxiing to all the different areas! It’s a blast and I am so grateful for the blessings we have received this last week!

Elder Hansen

Monday, April 24, 2017

Service in Jamaica!

So this week has been great! We did a lot of service for the members of the branch. Earlier in the week we helped a sister cast a pit for her house... She lives up in the mountains so she doesn’t have any sewage. So you dig a super deep pit and then put a concrete pad over it! So that was good and really hard! It was a super humid day and the sun was out so we were all just drenched in sweat by the time we were done but it really helpful to her because nobody else would help her with it! 

Then, throughout the week we had a great time visiting all of our investigators! We have really been blessed these past couple weeks with a lot of investigators through the members and most importantly through the Lord! We are working with around 10 to 12 people that should be baptized in the coming month!! So that is really exciting!!

Also our truck is down in Kingston so we have been walking and using taxis for the past couple of days! Man i got to say the AC in the truck is pretty nice!! haha but it’s great we get to talk to more people as we are walking around anyway!

Then on Saturday we had another service project of helping a member cast their roof! Luckily the forms were already set up but we had to mix a lot cement to make the roof! It’s really good getting back in the concrete life! Overall we had a fantastic week doing service and doing the Lords work! So grateful that I can be here serving the peoples of Jamaica!!

Elder Hansen

Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 18, 2017

This week has been so great! We did a lot of great things and accomplished a lot! That is always nice! We even had some time to proselyte this week! Through proselyting we found some awesome people especially while using the Easter initiative to bring more peace to people’s lives! It was really good! With this one lady we found we have really been able to see the light of Jesus Christ flow into her life! She said to us yesterday, "When I get home I always think of smoking but, then I remember the BOOK!" The Book of Mormon has really helped her to find more peace in her life just as all of us can find more peace through the Book of Mormon! She and her two boys came to church also and they loved it!! We are excited to work with them to baptism here in a few weeks! 
This week we also traveled down to Kingston for an emergency preparedness plan! It was pretty cool to go and participate in the plans for this year on all the different emergencies! 
Overall a fantastic week bringing more peace into people’s lives because of JESUS CHRIST!

Elder Hansen

April 10, 2017

The week has been great!! We have been having so much fun finding and teaching new people! We had a lot of vehicle problems this week that took time out of proselyting but it was OK because we still tried our very hardest to go and talk with everyone! We love contacting! It’s a great time to be able to go and build our teaching pool with those who are ready for the gospel! This week we found a couple that is looking to get married! We have had very spiritual lessons with them and they have made it their personal goal to read and pray about the Book of Mormon every night! It is a really great time being able to teach them because they are so willing to act and learn for themselves! They even came to church this Sunday! They were 30 minutes early and the man was wearing a white shirt and a tie! The members thought they were members from another branch! I am so excited to continue working with them in the coming weeks up to their baptism! Finding them and being able to help them has been the greatest miracle among the many this week!

Elder Hansen

The Old MTC District!

Friday, April 14, 2017

"Zone Conference and White Storm"

Letter from April 3, 2017

Well this week was so so awesome! We had zone conference, our "white storm", and then General Conference! It was a great week to be in Jamaica! 
So for zone conference we taught on how we can apply the Easter initiative into the work here! It was really good! Role played a contacting situation to share the video of peace! Then we had 2 former missionaries from like 20 years ago speak to us! They were some great people! They spoke on how their missions have influenced their lives! They spoke on how much our attitude plays a role in the way our life goes! If we have a good attitude towards everything even if what we are going through isn’t fun then everything will be alright! Everything will be much more enjoyable! But overall it was just a zone conference to big up yuself! 

After zone conference we had our white storm for the zone! The whole zone came together and went contacting in one area!!!! It was so awesome! We were driving around at the beginning handing out supplies to the missionaries and every street we turned down there were missionaries talking to people!! It was a really neat experience and all the missionaries loved it! This was the first time a white storm has happened in the mission because Elder Walker and I brought it up to the missionary leadership council last week! But based on the results it will be happening a lot more now!! So we are super excited for that!! 

Then General Conference to finish the week off! What a great week! I really enjoyed all the talks but one that I really liked was by Elder Stevenson on how the Holy Ghost can help us!!! There really is so many ways the Holy Spirit can help us if we but let him!! I am grateful that we have a Prophet who is led by God and receives Revelation for us!! May we all follow and listen to his voice on the Book of Mormon and having Charity!

Elder Hansen

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Montego Bay...Finding!

This week has been so so good! I got to Montego Bay on Tuesday and since then we have been working really hard! On Wednesday we had to drive to Savannah La Mar for a district meeting, then on Thursday to Ocho Rios for another district meeting, and then back to Kingston for Missionary Leader Counsel! So, we did a lot of driving! But it was all very good and we have learned a lot from the different meetings we've been to! 

Our area here in Mobay is really awesome! Super beautiful! Since we have a truck we have a huge area that goes through all the surrounding mountains and into a bunch of little villages in the middle of nowhere! 

The branch here is also really strong! There were about 90 people at church on Sunday and they all have really great testimonies! I am super excited to be working with them!

My companion, Elder Walker is a really great missionary, he just got done being the assistant to the president! I have already learned so much from him and look forward to continue that! 

Something that we have been focusing on is finding! Wherever we are, whether at district meetings, in Kingston, or wherever, we talk to EVERYONE! It has been so good and makes us feel like we are really doing our part to talk to everyone and share the gospel with them!

Elder Hansen

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Back to Montego Bay!

Well, we got the call and I will be going back to Montego Bay in Jamaica as the north coast zone leader! I leave here in a couple hours. Super excited but I also am sad to be leaving the Turks!! The Turks has been a great place and I have learned so much from being here!! The Haitians are such a humble people and it has really influenced to just be grateful for what I have! The Turks has definitely been my hardest area I’ve had just because of the different and unique challenges such as not speaking the main language, or contacting for 8 hours every day! But you know what; I enjoyed these challenges because it has helped me to become a more patient person and just being able to do Heavenly Fathers will no matter what!

Also Patrick our recent convert was able to receive the Priesthood yesterday and that was really good to see him keep moving forward in the gospel! i am so excited to see where this branch is in a couple years as the Priesthood continues to grow! 

Well as normal we had a great week! I am excited for the future and what is still to come and I know that whatever it is, I will be sharing the gospel with everyone!
bless up yu self!

Elder Hansen

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The sun is shinning and the water is still blue!

We had a great week this week! We did a lot of contacting! Contacting is great,its hard, but its great! Getting to go out and talk to every single person you see about Jesus Christ is enjoyable. Some people we talk to are less excited to see us and others more excited! But we are here to find those that will receive us so we will continue until we find them!

Patrick, the guy who got baptized a couple weeks ago was finally able to be confirmed this week! I had the opportunity to confirm him and that was a wonderful experience for me! 

Other than that the sun is still shining and the water is blue!! Elder Shepherd and I are having a really good time together and we are excited for the upcoming week!

Elder Hansen

Monday, February 27, 2017

Wonderful week!

Well this week has been a pretty interesting and wonderful week! Our Zone Leaders have told us that we should really try to learn Creole since that's where most of the action for missionary work is here in the Turks. So we have been taking a language study this past week... And let me tell you it's rough! Trying to learn a language from a couple books that say "Teach yourself Haitan Creole in 1 Month". So we have been trying to do that and we are coming along alright! The grammar is the hardest part! But hopefully we can start to speak halfway alright just to know if someone is interested or not. Other than that this week has been pretty normal! We had Zone Conference and learned more about obedience, teaching more naturally not by presentation, and some more on the Book of Mormon! So that was really good and Elder Shepherd and I have been applying the stuff we learned from that into the work! We have a few investigators right now that are doing really good! They are reading from the Book of Mormon and are coming to know that it is true! I am excited to keep finding these people who are ready to live the gospel!! I love the Gospel and I know that it will bless each of our lives as we each live it and come closer to our Heavenly Father!!

Elder Hansen

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Patrick's baptism!

This week was so so good!! Patrick was able to be baptized and almost all the members came to the baptism as you can see in the picture! There was even a family of tourists that came to the baptism also!! That was really so good for Patrick because he is lonely here with nobody but now he has a family in the church and that's all we could ask for!! Patrick was super happy and just loved the experience he had. Also another one of our investigators named John came to church and the baptism after and knew Patrick from when they were kids living in Haiti! I guess they were friends and lived right down the street from each other! So that was another blessing we had seen this week!! Then on Sunday after the baptism we went to go see this next guy that was originally from Jamaica and he was asking when he could get baptized!! He had been "considering becoming a Mormon." So we are super excited for all of the blessings we have received this week! The Lord has really been blessing us and I am so grateful for that because I know that we couldn't accomplish anything if it weren't for HIM!

Also the picture with our car by the ocean, did some exploring on P-day and we found our selves right on the beach. We aren't aloud to actually go on the beach unless for a baptism so we had to just drive around!

Elder Hansen