Sunday, January 22, 2017

The story of the twins!

This week has been really good as always! We were able to do a lot
of teaching and also found some new investigators! It has also been
pretty cold so that’s great! The wind will sometimes be blowing and I
get a nice chill!  Earlier this week we had found this a person named Edrickson. We scheduled a time to come back and see him later in the week. When we came back we asked his mom if he was home and she speaks little to no English but, none the less, she goes
and gets one of her sons Edricksonder. The twin of Edrickson... And we didn’t really know that it was somebody different because they are
twins and we had only talked to Edrickson for 2 minutes. So, we ask if
we are still good to sit down for a bit with this brother that we
think is the original person and he agrees. But long story short we
had a great lesson with him and at the end of the lesson we figured
out that it wasn’t even the original person we contacted! He was
extremely confused and said that God had sent us but he had no idea
why?? That was pretty funny but he seems pretty cool so we
will continue to teach him!

Everything else is going great! We are staying busy and have quite a
few people that are reading and praying about the Book of Mormon! I am excited to see what will come!
          Elder Hansen

Monday, January 9, 2017

January 2nd and January 9th...All is well!

January 2, 2017

Well this week was pretty tough!! Because of holidays and everything else going on a lot of people were either gone or busy so we weren’t able to teach a whole lot this past week! But we did get to do a lot of contacting trying to talk to more Haitians and pretty much anyone and everyone we see! I will say it is hard to go and talk to people all day long and not have a single lesson sometimes but I felt like I was able to learn a lot from this week! A lot of our investigators have been gone and too busy to meet. But we have found some new ones that have a lot of potential! It is pretty interesting having lessons with Haitians when we meet them on the streets and we don’t have a translator because we basically have them open the pamphlets and we point at different paragraphs for them to read! So definitely a learning experience trying to find new ways we can help people understand better! But a lot of it comes down to how well we can explain the gospel simply! Using very very simple language! 

All is going well though! I am super excited to start this New Year off right! Going out and trying to find and teach as many people as we can so we can provide more blessings for these people! The Gospel does provide happiness as we live and follow our Heavenly Fathers Plan for us! I do know that! And a happy New Year to everyone!

January 9, 2017

We had a lot more success in being able to meet with our investigators and finding more people to teach! We’ve been teaching this guy named Patrick that has really good desires to find the right church and so he has been coming to church the past few weeks and is really liking what he is hearing! He reads from the Book of Mormon and also prays so he is well on his way to being baptized once he knows for sure, which will soon come! So we are super excited about that!

Our recent convert Joseph is doing so good! He comes to church every week and has such a strong testimony! Yesterday we needed a member to translate for one of our investigators and we couldn’t get a hold of our normal translator brother Willy so we stop by Josephs and he was in the middle of eating dinner... He puts everything down, gets dressed and comes out with us! He gets in the car and relates himself to Nephi having to leave everything behind and go into the wilderness with his Family! Joseph is so great and he has really inspired me to become better and do whatever the Lord commands! So we had a great week and we are meeting a lot of great people! So excited to see what this next week brings!

Elder Hansen