Monday, November 21, 2016

Teaching in the Turks!

First and most important is I found Dr. Pepper!!! hahaha there are 2 shops on the island that sell DP thankfully the other elders had already located those shops! It was so good to finally be able to drink some of that! hahah but there has been a lot of other spiritual excitement as well!

It’s been a crazy busy week, we have been getting situated out here in the Turks!! It has been so great though! Elder Warren and Larson were able to show us around the island and introduce to some of their investigators and members so we were very thankful for that! As for Elder Shepherd and I we are doing great! We are so excited to serve here! The people and the place is very different from Jamaica! I have really enjoyed already serving the people of Haiti, the DR and Turks! They are such great and humble people! With the lessons we had this last week I can honestly say I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life! I’m not sure why?? But I love it! When we are teaching these humble people my heart just burns and I don’t know why it is so much different from Jamaica? We have already been able to find more people to teach who have so much potential! I really do know that we will have many baptisms coming up! With the language barrier we have to really rely on the spirit to know if somebody is understanding or really interested but it also helps a lot to bring members with us to the lessons so they can translate for us!  Here they speak mainly 2 different languages including creole from Haiti and Spanish from the Dominican Republic! And very little people speak English so it has been a lot different  teaching and contacting! It has been awesome though because we are able to use some of the members to translate for us! Pretty neat experiences we had this week!

Before we left for the Turks we were with the AP's and their area is the area where Usain Bolt lives so we went and tried to contact him... Unfortunately we were only able to talk to someone over the intercom at the front gate but he did have a BIG house with a few RZR 1000 sitting outside! 

Elder Hansen

Monday, November 14, 2016

A spiritually powerful week!!! Moving on to Turs and Caicos!

Well this week has been interesting! We got a lot of work done and were able to have some really spiritually powerful lessons with our investigators! Something we were really focusing on with our investigators and members is how they can keep the Sabbath day more holy and show gratitude for that day! As we thought and taught about that my own testimony of the Sabbath has grown! The way we conduct ourselves and the activities we do on Sunday is really how we show our Heavenly Father our thanks for his day! But I do know as we all try to honor the Sabbath by going to church, partaking of the sacrament, and doing wholesome activities as families that we will be able to grow closer to our Father and be blessed for that! 

But for some other news I have been packing my bags and preparing to leave Jamaica... I will be flying out tomorrow morning at 6:30.... So it will definitely be different leaving Jamaica but it will be great serving in the Turks and Caicos! It will just be me and Elder Shepherd going out there to be by ourselves and white washing the area. Which means there will be no elders to show us around, just kind of thrown in to it? This will be super exciting! 

Elder Hansen

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Working together builds unity!

November 7, 2016

This week has been a week of learning! We had zone meeting down in Spanish town and I always love going to zone meetings because there is so much to learn and  work on! This zone meeting they talked a lot about unity and members and how we as missionaries needed to be united with the members so we can work together to bring more people into the gospel! It’s true! When the members and the missionaries work together more gets done and more people get baptized and that is exactly what we want! We have been able to go into the members’ homes in our area and strengthen their doctrine of Christ and then actually role play with the members on the different ways they can share the gospel with their friends and family! So as we continue to do this it is a win win situation once again! Where we are blessed with people to teach the member is able to feel of the spirit of missionary work and they watch their own testimony grow as they do so! I know this work is real and true! It brings blessings and is the only way back to living with our Heavenly Father again! 

Letter from October 31, 2016