Saturday, July 30, 2016

Watching this change brings so much joy to me!

The work is moving right along! We have a pretty solid teaching pool right now! It has been awesome to see them start to progress! Something that was great this last week was yesterday morning we met up with 2 of our investigators and rode with them the 30 minute bike ride to church from our place! So that was really awesome to get to ride with them to church!  Their names are Smith and Kyle. But they are doing really well! Right now they are set for a baptismal date of July 28th!

Also, this Sunday was really perfect because we also had a member of the ward that has been away for more than 15 years come back to church for the first time! He loved it and has started to read in the Book of Mormon again!! It is so great to see the difference that LIVING the gospel makes in a person! When we first met him he was sad, didn’t want to talk really, everything was alright… but as he has started to come back he is more excited, he likes to talk, it puts a smile on his face when he starts to understand the gospel better, and that is what it is all about!!  Watching this change brings so much Joy to me!

Elder Hansen

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Mission President... President and Sister Brown!

This week has been great! We got to go down to Kingston to meet the new Mission President! So that was really awesome! We each individually got to speak with them for a little while and then they just talked to us as a group and told us about themselves! They talked a lot about 2 Nephi 2: 11-14! Which was really interesting because it talks about how we need to ACT rather than to be acted upon? This means that we need to exercise our agency in righteous ways so we can receive the blessings? They are definitely different people than President and Sister Brown but they are great people! They are from Utah and served here a few years ago! So at least they kind of know the area! I am excited to see what they will do with the mission to improve it! So new things to come from that!! 

Other than that our week has been pretty good! One of our progressing investigators disappeared all of sudden so that was sad but on the bright side, Romells mom the one that struggled to sign Romell’s baptism record is now wanting to learn more! She came to church for Romell’s baptism and said that she loved it! So we will start teaching her and she will soon get baptized!  

Transfer calls were also this past week but I will be staying in Linstead with Elder Porter so nothing new! But I am excited because Linstead is great! We have really been trying to work with the members more and to build our trust with them! I am more than grateful for the time that I have to serve and love helping others come unto Christ!!

Monday, July 4, 2016

T-bone crash and baptism all in one week!

 A lot of crazy stuff happened this week! Our district leader got really sick so he got sent home on Wednesday and so I was then called as the new district leader!
 On Thursday I t-boned a car that pulled out on a blind corner going down a huge hill! I destroyed the whole front end of the car and the bumper was completely off!! I am alright! Just a scraped up shoulder and a sore arm!! But i flew probably 10 or 15 feet over the hood of the car and rolled right up to my feet! Pretty scary! The Rasta jumps out of his car to make sure I am alright and then just wants me to leave so I don’t press charges! So we left and my front wheel was basically bent in half so we had to get that fixed! But it was amazing that nothing serious happened to me because we were going fast!!! I am very thankful for the Lords protection in that!
   After that on Sunday we had a baptism for Romell!! This was so great! He is a recent convert’s brother so we had been teaching him for a while and he was finally able to do it! So it was a hectic but great week!! SO glad that I get to be a part of this gospel and get to go out and share it each and every day for 2 years!!

Elder Hansen