Friday, July 21, 2017

Another great week! Devon's Baptism!!!

Another great week accomplished! The work is going so so good! The members are doing so great at sharing the gospel and we are receiving referrals from them weekly! Because of that we are very busy and the time is going by too fast! 

As for Devon’s baptism, it went really good! He was so prepared and ready to do that! He was so excited and talked to everyone about his baptism! I always say this but it such a great experience to work with someone from the point of meeting them and them progressing to be baptized! The Atonement of Jesus Christ is so real! I know that because I have not only seen repentance work for me in my life but I get to watch how repentance will completely change others way of living and who they are to be more pleasing to the Father! That is a really joyful process and then to get them go under the water! It really brings a lot of JOY! I love it! I love these Jamaican people as well! It is so much fun getting to work with all the families in the ward and watch them put the Gospel to work! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true!

Picture of the baptism! 

Picture of the drive to Linstead each week!

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