Monday, June 26, 2017

Every day is great in Jamaica!

Spanish Town is awesome! Everyone always says Spanish Town is the best and I never thought so because of how hot, flat, and dry it is here but I really love Spanish Town! The members here are so much fun to work with! We have been doing a lot of member work and we are seeing the blessings that come from that! We put 3 people on date for July and 2 of those are both from part member families! So the work is great and we love it!

We also had Zone Conference this last week and there was a lot learned! We continued to talk on attitude and mindset. The importance of having a positive attitude and the right mindset for missionary work especially for accomplishing our goals! We need to believe that we can accomplish the goals we set and then go to work so that the Lord will bless us. With also having the correct motives behind the things we do! It is true! I love the people of Jamaica and every day is a great day in Jamaica! We find happiness in everything even if it people calling us "Whiteey" or whatever else!  Have a great and positive week!


Elder Hansen

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