Thursday, June 22, 2017

Spanish Town is nice!

Well this week has been another great one! Spent most of the week in Mobay and then on Saturday we traveled down to Kingston for MLC and traded off with Elder Suwyn as my new companion! Elder Suwyn is way cool! We have always served around each other in the same zone! He is from Vernal Utah and has been out for just over a year! He is a solid missionary and we are really excited to be serving together! 

Spanish Town is a lot different than Mobay. I won’t be seeing white people for as long as I am here! That’s a good thing because white people that aren’t missionaries scare us pretty bad! It’s weird but it’s true, so Spanish Town will be nice to be fully engulfed in the culture!  The ward here is also really strong! There was a 100 people at sacrament and they are successful people! I’m really glad and excited to work with the great people of Spanish Town!

Other than that the work continues and we are working harder than ever to just LOVE EVERYONE! It’s hard I’ll be honest! Some other people that belong to other denominations are so hard hearted that they don’t want to hear a single thing we have to say... but ... that doesn’t matter we just have to show love and truly care for these people! We have seen a change in the reaction of people as we are working on this! I know that Jesus Christ LOVED everyone and he wanted the best for each and every one! May we all try to have that same love for the people we are around every day! 

Try to figure out what the sticker is saying on the back of the car!

Elder Hansen

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